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Vyoma Nupur is a former journalist, who now works for corporate entities in the U.S. in the roles of marketing, business development, and vendor relations.  

Since childhood, she has been a keen reader who believes that books are the true treasures of this world. Her childhood was spent delving into the fantastic make believe worlds of Enid Blyton stories among many others, that also generated a deep love for writing her own tales. Growing up she contributed poetry regularly and got published in children oriented magazines.

During her teenage years in India, she was attracted to the profession of journalism that combined her love for writing with socio-political reporting. While pursuing her Bachelors Honors in History and later her Masters degree in International Relations, Vyoma also  joined post graduate studies in Journalism from a renowned institute run by the Times of India group, a national newspaper in India. Thereafter she wrote editorial content for Indian newspapers like the Pioneer on issues such as the plight of women prisoners based on her first hand conversations with these women, interview with a controversial politician as well as writing copy for the Indian subsidiary of Dow Jones newswires. 

Her Master’s thesis dealt with the persistent issue of the utilization of child labor in south-east Asia.  Vyoma completed an additional Masters (MBA) degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in the United States. Growing up on a rich diet of Indian mythology and divinity tales coupled with travels to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and various countries in Asia, Europe and within the US – being exposed to their grand history, culture and the uniqueness of people, has forever inspired Vyoma to express herself more and more via the written word through her short stories and articles.